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Friday 20th August 2010

Kingscliff to brisbane x

Today we had to get up early, because we are leaving Kingscliff today and going to Brisbane.
OMG.Did you know how long it took us to find Europe car once we got there? I think it took about 40 minutes  x
Basically, we checked into our apartment had a look around then we went out. We are on the 28th floor. There are 44 floors. We went to Queens Street mall. There are loads of different shopping malls, and shops along the street. It is shopping paradise. After we walked along Melbourne Street and we walked to the wheel. The wheel is a bit like the London eye, but it is smaller. We went in it and it had a commentary about different places. We went around 5 times 
After the wheel it was getting late and we were all getting hungry. So we went to Nandos. I had a chicken wrap and some chips. It was lush.

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Thursday 19th August 2010

Dreamworld & Whitewater world x

Today we went to Dream world and White-water world. Dream World is a rollercoaster park and White-Water World is a water park. First we went to Dream World. The first ride we went on was a family raft ride. When we first got in the raft I was a tiny bit scared because you had to strap yourself in and we do not do that at home :L
After we went on loads of different rides, we thought that we alt to go to the water park soon. So we did. It was awesome, and the water was freezing but you soon got used to it. There was this Rubber ring that held four people. We went in one; you go down this shoot and we didn’t know that it was going to be that steep. I think our stomachs were still at the top of the water slide. After you went down the steep shoot, you came out into a big circle thing and you whirled around that a couple of times. Then you went down the middle of it and splashed into a pool at the end haha.
It was late afternoon when we went back to our hotel apartment.

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Wednesday 18th August 2010

Kayaking with dolphins, whales and turtles :) x

I had to get up at 7.30 today :L
This is because we are going kayaking in Byron Bay to hopefully see dolphins, whales and turtles.
Once we got to Byron Bay we got geared up. We had to put on a wet suit, a life jacket and a helmet. Then we had to get our paddle and carry our kayaks down to the beach. We had a quick safety talk. We finally got out into the ocean. We went right out and saw heaps of Dolphins. Duggie the instructor said that he hasn’t seen a pod like this in years, so we were lucky. Then we saw another lot. We heard a whale but we didn’t see it, but we were very near it. It was time to head back, and on the way back I saw a turtle’s head pop out of the water. For the last bit of the experience we had to ride a wave  It was so fun it was just like someone surfing, except we were in a kayak. We were out in the ocean for about 3 hours. OMG, you should see the sun burn I got on my legs below the wet suit.
We didn’t leave Byron Bay. We stayed and sunbathed on the beach, which was relaxing. After we had a look around the town and I got a new pencil case for school and a WV camper van key ring. We were getting hungry so we got fish and chips from the chippy.
Later, we headed back to kingscliff. We went back to our apartment and watched TV and relaxed on our balcony; we have been in ever since.
Now I have just had some pasta with tomato sauce and cheese.

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Tuesday 17th August 2010

Wind break :) x

I have just had a cooked breakfast.
We are hiring bikes today and we are going to be cycling around the area.
Wow that was tiring; with it being hot weather didn’t help either, but it was fun. After we cycled, we went to the beach. It was really hot but windy because we are near the sea. I took 2 towels, so dad suggested that we make a wind break with 1 of the towels. So we had to search around the beach to get 3 big sticks to rest the towel on. In the end it was really worth it. It made a whole lot of difference!
We walked back to our hotel and went to the pool. I went in it. We all did actually and swam over to the hot tub :)
For tea we went to an Italian restaurant and I had Margarita pizza :) yum yum.

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Monday 16th August 2010

Bubble Bath Jets :L x

We left Woolgoolga today. We left early because we knew we had a long drive to kingscliff.
It took about 4 hours in the car. We had a stop off at the coast. When we got back in the car, we all needed the toilet so we went to a toilet stop off place. OMG they were gross!
When we finally got to Kingscliff, we checked in and went up to our suite as they call it. It is an apartment; we have a kitchen, living room, dining room, jet bubble bath, shower, balcony and a bedroom. Then we though, hang on we need 2 bedrooms. My bedroom is next door as an attachment room. I have a double bed and a shower room and a balcony. Both of our balconies overlook the tropical pool. There are 2 pools, the other pool is the lagoon pool and it has a sandy bit like it is a beach. There are also these really cool circle lounger things near the pool.
We went swimming in the tropical pool. Then we went into the Jacuzzi for a bit. After, we all sunbathed.
For tea we had Thai and I had a yellow mild chicken. Then after we went to the ice cream shop, I had a banana caramel in a yellow pot with a pink spoon.
We went back to our apartment and I had a jet bubble bath. I asked mum and dad to help because I didn’t know how to turn the jets on and stuff. The water wasn’t covering all of the jets. Trust dad to turn them on before the water had covered them. Water spayed out everywhere; and I mean everywhere. The bathroom and mum and dad were soaked. I was lucky enough that I was standing behind dad so stayed dry  x
PS: make sure you fill the bath up before you turn the jets on! 

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