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Thursday 5th August 2010

Lots of walking :L x

I walked all the way to Queen Victoria market and it was very old. After we went on the free city sightseeing bus with commentary on it of the city. We eventually got off and walked to the Eureka skydeck 88 tower. This is the tower that looks over the city and it is 88 floors up and that’s what gives it its name. The top of the tower is gold plated. When we came back down the tower we went into the gift shop and I got playing cards with the Eureka tower on them, a book mark and some post cards. We returned back to the hotel and went swimming, before we went out for our evening meal.

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Wednesday the 4th August 2010.

I have made it to Australia!

The first half of the journey took about 12 hours. We stopped off for 4 hours at KL, Malaysia airport. The second part of the journey took another 7 hours and 20 minutes, so it was a long flight but I have made it. We were all surprised that the second half only took 7 hours 20 minutes because we thought it was going to be round about 10 hours. We had some problems on the first half of the flight because we had loads of turbulence. Mum said that it was like a rollercoaster ride and the stewards had to stop serving the food and sit down themselves. Dad tried to drink his drink and it was flying everywhere, now that was funny.
Our first destination is Melbourne. We caught the sky bus from Melbourne airport to our hotel, The Crown Metropol, and I have to admit that it is lush! We checked in and all of the people are very friendly they gave us a card for the room; it is a bit like a key. We also have to use the key for the lift. You slot the card into a card slot and then take it back out again and then you press the floor number you would like to go on. Our room is on level 24 and our room number is 31.
On the 27th floor there is an inside infinity pool so you can swim right up to the glass and see the city. It looks extremely gorgeous at night.
Gordon Ramsey has opened his very own restaurant in our hotel, called The Maze. Also, the hotel is attached to a big shopping mall with an eating hall and a cinema that has first class seats :) x
There is a huge entertainment area; in the hotel. It has every single arcade game you can think of; it is massive! The place is called Galactic Circus. It is known to be the largest indoor interactive theme park in Australia. You load money on your card to play arcade games to earn tickets, which you can redeem a prize with your total amount of tickets at the end.
Right; I am really tired now due to jet lag so I am going to get some sleep; night night. Keep you posted soon! X

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My Travel Map :) x

This is a travel map of where i am going to be going in Australia :) x

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View Australia x on EmilyFox's travel map.

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