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Tuesday 10th August 2010

Raining :L x

G’day mate!
It was raining today, so we went to the Queen Victoria Building. I also saw an Apple store and it was three stories high. People were queuing in there because the I phone 4 has just came out. This is really strange because it has been out for ages in England. After, we walked to Darling harbour. We had a drink there. Then we got a taxi to Circular quay.
Then we got the 333 bus to Bondi beach. We had a look at the beach. After, I got an ice cream at an ice cream shop. It was Caramel. Once we got back to Circular quay, I brought a Didgeridoo key ring. Now we are eating at a local restaurant near our hotel.

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Monday 9th August 2010


Yum Yum in my tum. Two fried eggs with hash browns.
Well not first, I got up at six and so did dad. The pool opens at 6 on week days so we thought we could have a morning swim while we leave mum in bed, haha.
Then we had breakfast.
First we caught a ferry and went to Taronga Zoo. To actually get into the park we took the cable car called the sky safari. The zoo is really good and has some really cool animals in it. My favourite animals were the Giraffes and the Koalas. There was a seal show; I didn’t realise they were so clever. Sadly we had to go back because the park was shutting, so we caught another ferry out to Darling Harbour. It is very nice there. We walked into a shopping mall and had some tea.
After, we had to flag down a taxi to go back to our hotel, because we were all very tired.

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Sunday 8th August 2010

Lots and lots of walking

Wow, I can’t believe that I’m actually in Sydney.
We walked across the bridge. When we finally got to the end we found a market called Milsons Point. I thought the market was really cool.
We were looking on our map when a man came along. He said it is very nice if your walk near Luna Park and around the board walk. So we did, simple as that. Luna Park is a little theme park, we didn’t actually go on any of the rides but you can go into the park.
After that we walked back over the bridge and went inside the pylon lookout tower. When we got to the top we had a great close up view of the bridge and had a fantastic view of the city.
When we came back down the tower we found another market and there were some restaurants; we had lunch and a drink.
I really wanted to see the Sydney Opera House, so we walked round circular key to get there. While we were walking to it, there was a man playing a didgeridoo; he was awesome!
After we strolled around, we went into the Royal Botanic Gardens. We stayed there till late and we were just looking at the trees when we came across a bat, no 2 bats no 3 no 4 …......
It was getting late by then so we went to the 360* Sydney tower and there was also had another great view of the city. Also the building is round so you can see all around you.

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Saturday 7th August 2010


We got on the Train from Melbourne to go to Sydney. It took 12 hours :0
When we got to Sydney we checked in at the Shangri-La Hotel. Finally we got to our room. First thing I did was look out the window. It is Beautiful; we have a front side view of the Sydney Opera House. I can lie on my bed and look at the sunrise over the Opera House.
We went out for a bit to have a look around. We climbed up these steps and you could see the Sydney Harbour Bridge very well.

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Friday 6th August 2010

The last day of Melbourne

We caught the shuttle bus again at the first stop to see the rest of the sights. We got off at the new Docklands shopping complex. Here there were outlet stores. We walked down the harbour and saw the Ethiad sports stadium. From here we went to see the upside down cow in a tree; and you might be thinking what is that… well click on the pictures and find out :).
We picked up the city circle tram and decided to take this back than the bus, they run on electricity. In the end we stopped off at the old train station because the tram was getting too crowded as it is free.
We thought it would be fun to go bowling so we did one game of that. The good thing was that when you bowled the ball it took a picture of you and I looked like superman ;). Mum won the game for once and beat dad and I came second and finally dad came last. After bowling we went to load more money on my Galactic Circus card. I played an arcade game and won 75 tickets in just one game, they just kept popping out!
This is the end of my stay in Melbourne :( as I am off to Sydney tomorrow on the train :) x
I will catch up with you in Sydney.

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