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Sunday 15th August 2010

Yum Pizza :D

We got up and had breakfast (froot loops) in our apartment.
After the car was loaded up we took a walk around the lake/sea.
Then I wanted to get an ornament from a fair trade community shop. It was a vespa scooter made from recycled tin cans. It is awesome!
Then we left Port Macquarie to head to Woolgoolga. Here we stayed in a 2 bedroom en suite water cabin.
We walked to the beach. First we had to get through this forest as I call it. Then after, we had to walk through a lake to get to the beach. In the end it was worth it, because the beach was lovely. The sand was soft on your feet and the surf was massive. We couldn’t see the end of the beach, it was that big! Also the weather made it a whole lot better; it was hot and sunny with no wind :D x
After we drove to woolgoolga town and we got take away pizzas for tea. We sat on our lodge terrace listening to the parrots tweet tweet tweet. God it drove me up the wall!

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Saturday 14th August 2010

Port Macquarie.

We have left Port Stevens today.
We are now in Port Macquarie. It is a lovely place. Our apartment is lush and also huge. We have a kitchen with a dining room table, living room with a TV, 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom has a big closet and en suit. We have one other bathroom and we have a MASSIVE balcony with a river/sea front view.
We haven’t done much today. We have just had a look around the town. We went to a super market to get some food because some of our accommodation is in apartments now.
Mum is now cooking our tea. We are not having much luck though, because first of all we couldn’t get the oven fired up. Now we have got it fired up, but we put the chicken in the plate and put it in the oven and now the dish has split in half haha. Oh yeah and if you accidently set the smoke alarm off you get fined $250 :0 x

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Friday 13th August 2010

OMG a Dolphin :) x

We walked along the beach and it was really sunny. After, we walked along a wooded coastal walk, to look for koalas in the trees. Unfortunately we didn’t see any.
When we came back to the hotel we walked along the harbour. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was a dolphin swimming in the Marina.
Then we went out to have a meal.
It was getting dark so we went inside to have a drink. There is a pool/snooker table at the complex so Dad and I played pool, then Mum and I played pool. Dad won the first game by 1 ball and I won the second game by 1 ball against Mum. Haha.
It was late by then so we went back up to our room.

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Thursday 12th August 2010

Bridge Climb :D x

Today’s the day!
Dad and I are doing the Sydney Harbour Bride Climb.
Do you know how much preparation (clipping) we had to do before the climb?
Following a brief induction, we had to clip hats, gloves, glasses, rain coats, fleeces, handkerchief and also our radio headsets and finally ourselves to the bridge. I have to say, it was worth it. To reach the top we had to walk across platforms, ramps, steps and over the inner arch of the bridge. Finally we climbed steps to the summit of the bridge. When we got to the top we all had our photo taken and we also had a group photo. At the end of the climb we were all given a certificate. The whole experience was AWESOME.
Unfortunately this was out last day in Sydney. We left at 12.30 to pick up the car to drive to Port Stephens. We arrived there about 5.15. Our Hotel room is cool. It has an upstairs with a balcony overlooking the lounge and an outside balcony overlooking the ocean. We may even see dolphins swimming and koalas in the trees.

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Wednesday 11th August 2010

Blue Mountains :)

Today we went to the Blue Mountains. This is where the three sisters are. They call it the Blue Mountains because simply they are blue; well a blue haze anyway. First we got the cable car to the shops. Then we got a train down to where we can see the three sisters. When I say a train, I mean a little rollercoaster train as mum calls it; because it is the steepest incline train in the world. After, we got on another cable car but this one is the steepest cable car in Australia.
In the end we went back to the hotel because I have to admit, it was FREEZING. It was freezing because we were up in the Mountains.
After, we went out to find somewhere to eat. Along the way we found an UGG boot shop. Now, I didn’t get the real UGG boots. But the real ones are not made in Australia they are made in china. My ones are actually made in Australia but they are still called UGG and have got the label on the back.
We were all still cold, so we went swimming in our hotel. Well actually we didn’t go swimming we went into the hot tub.

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