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Wednesday 25th August 2010

Whitehaven Beach xx

Today was another early day. We went to whitehaven beach. We went on a boat and while we were sailing there, we saw 2 whales. One of the whales was a baby and it must have been with his mum. They are awesome! When we arrived at white haven beach. The sand is pure white and when you walk on it, it squeaks! Every year they have a massive sailing competition called race week. When we were on the way back we saw all of them racing. We were on the trip until 12.00 in the afternoon.
After the trip we went to get some chips from the chippy. They were yummy. Then we went to the beach and then we went swimming in the pool for a bit. We thought that we should go up to the room get showered and then go down to the harbour and shop and have some tea… (Ice cream)!

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Tuesday 24th August 2010

Sailing lesson :) x

Today we went down to have breakfast a little earlier than normal. After breakfast, dad and I got a paddle ski out each. We were only on them for about half an hour because we are going to do a sailing lesson. We are sailing on hobiecats which is a smaller version of a catamaran. While dad sailed the boat I laid on the trampoline, which is part of the boat. Then we did it the other way around.
First we had an introduction to the boat and Simon the instructor told us how to work it. Then we had to go on it in the ocean.
They are AWESOME!
We had to come back in because there was another lesson. So we walked back to our sun beds to see mum. After, I went on a paddle ski again, while mum and dad went in a kayak together.
We were getting hungry so we went up to our apartment, and I had some chicken noodles and mum and dad had pizza.
Then we got the ‘orange’ bus to have a trip round the whole Island. It was really interesting.
After we went to the pool and I had a pink lemonade. They are lush. Then we walked back and we went to the sports center. There is also a gaming room. We had a game on air hockey. Dad won. They also do mini golf and they have a tennis court, gym hall and work out gym.
We took a walk down the beach and dad tried our boomerang. It didn’t work!
Now we are back at our apartment and having some pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Yum Yum.

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Monday 23rd August 2010

Paddle ski's :) x

We went down to have breakfast. After, we went to the beach and dad and I went on the kayaks while mum took pictures of us and sunbathed. After, I thought getting a paddle ski out each would be fun. Believe me, it was! If you don’t know what a paddle ski is, then basically it is like a surf board but you stand up on it and control with a paddle. But you don’t have to stand up on it if you don’t want to. You can lay down on it; back and front. You can kneel on it, sit on it or sit and hang your feet off of the edge. I stood up on it though.  x We was both getting thirsty so we all went to the pool. Mum and I had a Tuti Fruity and dad had some kind of beer or something. When we finished our drinks, we went in the pool.

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Sunday 22nd August 2010

Whitsundays :) xxx

Today we had to get up early because we had to catch a flight to the Whitsundays. We are going to Hamilton Island. It only took 1 hour 40 minutes. I thought that we were going to land in the ocean because the run way is so short. When we landed at the tiny airport, we collected our luggage and caught the courtesy bus to our apartment.
We walked down to the marina to see what there was. They have some gift shops, a supermarket, a post office, a bank an estate agent, some restaurants and clothes shops. They also have a shop that is a bit like blockbusters. There is also a photo shop, spa, hairdressers/manicures and a clownfish club which is a playschool. There is more than I thought there was going to be. We also found out that we can get free non-motorised spots. They do; kayaks, paddle ski’s boogie boards and catamarans. So there is plenty to do on the beach and I know I will be going on one of them tomorrow. :) x

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Saturday 21st August 2010

Pool beach x

Today we went to see the storey bridge. After, we walked in the botanic gardens to the little tented market and the beach. It isn’t actually a beach but it is an outside public pool with sand. There is also another pool with water fountains in it and buckets that tip over you. There were a lot of people in the pools today because it is hot. In the market there was this stall and this man sold churros, and they are lush! Mum got a freshly squeezed Lemon drink and dad and I got an ice cream. There was also a man doing a street show and he put his whole body through a toilet seat and juggled a knife, fire stick and a baby on a unicycle. At the end we gave him five bucks. :) x
We went back to our apartment and we got changed into our swimwear. Then we went down to level 5 and went to the pool outside.
After, we went up to the apartment and now we are just watching TV and getting ready to go out for a meal :) x

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